Lingerie Care

To keep delicate fabrics of lingerie items looking pretty, and lasting for a long time, keep them out of the washing machine. Fill a deep sink with cold water and gentle liquid soap (shampoo or hand soap works too), then soak. Rub gently your lingerie item with hand and make sure that you use enough water to get the sweat out. If the bra is made of silk, lace or satin, exercise extra caution when rubbing so as not to pull the threads out.

Bag them
If you'd rather use the washing machine than hand-wash, put them in a lingerie washing bag and set your machine on the delicate cycle at a cool temperature. Also, make sure the hooks and eyes are clasped so the bras don't tangle. (Note: Certain lingerie items are simply not designed to be machine washed and if the manufacturer recommends dry-cleaning or hand-wash please follow their advice).

Line dry
Never, ever put bras in the dryer. Instead, after washing, clip them to a clothesline or hang them on a drying rack. We have seen most women do not follow this advice and the bras and most lingerie items get dumped in the dryer without even thinking about it. Keep your lingerie away from sunlight too to avoid fading. Avoid shrinkage and prolong life by hanging bras to air-dry instead of machine-drying them.

Storing lingerie
It is good to have a separate lingerie chest, if possible. Otherwise, you must make room for lingerie items in separate drawers. Depending upon your lingerie collection, you might want to organize them by type (e.g. all bras in one drawer and all panties in another, and so on) or you can put all the matching sets together.