Gentleman’s Guide

Gentleman's Guide

Step One
The Right Size?

Of course you can always make life easy and simply ask her. Alternatively if you are planning a surprise check to see what bra size she normally wears. It will have a figure (i.e. 34) followed by one or two characters (i.e. C). 

Step Two
The Right Style?

You should use what's in her current collection as a starting point. For example, if she doesn't normally wear a Thong, then perhaps there is a good reason why, so be careful if you choose a style that you have never seen her in before. Browse our categories, which will give an overview of all the different styles available.

Step Three
The Right Color?

A simple way to help you choose the right color is to check and see what is in her wardrobe and lingerie collection. This will allow you to choose something that fits with her tastes.

If your gift is for a special occasion and you are looking for maximum impact then black is ideal. It's sexy and sophisticated. It's a color that she can wear in the bedroom or every day and black looks great on everyone. If you are feeling a little more confident, red can be a great choice. Perhaps you might like to surprise her with a bit more creative, deep pinks, midnight blues, browns and purple are all very flattering color and can be ultra seductive.

Try to remember that most women wear softer colors for every day lingerie. White is a classic and suits every skin tone and it's extremely wearable. A nice alternative is soft pink or lilac. Good Luck, if you have any questions regarding color choices don't hesitate to contact us at

Step Four
The Details?

Once you have decided on your lingerie choice, lets us know if you would like our gift box wrapping service for a beautifully elegant finish to your gift. Details like this will not be lost on your special someone and will help create a unique gift experience.

Step Five
Still Lost?

If you are still feeling a little unsure about your purchase then you can contact us at with any questions or tell us what you are looking for and we can help recommend the perfect purchase.