BOOMBA - double-sided adhesive inserts

We're excited to announce the addition of BOOMBA to our online shop. BOOMBA produces innovative wardrobe solution products and it's the creator of the double-sided sticky inserts to instantly LIFT and BOOST cup size. The process of making BOOMBA double-sided adhesive inserts is a combination of machinery and craftsmanship. After the inserts have been pressed, the glue is hand-brushed by skilled workers, then cut by hand into their shape.

How are BOOMBA inserts different?

Unlike traditional inserts, BOOMBA's patented inserts are sticky on both sides, which means it sticks to your clothing and to your skin for extra security. Preventing nipple slips and staying hidden under clothing. Another great benefit of the double-sided adhesive is that there is no sewing required, simply stick the inserts onto the clothing item.

Since the inserts require no sewing, one pair of inserts can be interchanged between various tops and dresses. Traditional inserts (cotton) soak up too much water and if not sewn in, may move around. Silicone inserts are heavy and will slip and slide around when sweaty of wet. BOOMBA's double-sided adhesive design makes the inserts lightweight yet sweat and water resistant, allowing you to swim, run, dance and much more without budging.

Sweat and water resistant
BOOMBA's patented inserts are safe to use in sports and water activities. Even when sweaty, BOOMBA's patented inserts stay in place by adhering to your top.

BOOMBA is the best kept secret of super models, Instagrammers, fashionistas, and celebrities on the red carpet and now for you too! 

What's the difference of the 3 styles of inserts?

Demi Boost Inserts comes in an oval shape and is perfect for sweetheart necklines. It does boost up to 2 cup sizes and can also be used inside bras to turn any bra into a push up bra.

boomba demi cup bra inserts

boomba demi cup inserts

Ultra Boost Inserts come in a triangular shape and also boost up to two cup sizes, these are better in v cut tops and triangle style bikinis.

boomba ultra boost inserts

boomba ultra boost inserts

Invisible Lift Inserts is a lightly padded insert that is perfect for girls looking for a natural push up effect. These are also great for girls looking for a little added security against wardrobe malfunctions.

boomba invisible lift inserts

boomba invisible lift inserts

Which one to pick is based on personal preference and what type of tops you tend to gravitate towards. Demi Boost inserts are definitely a fan favourite, very versatile and compatible with a lot of structured tops and dresses. If you have any questions or are not sure which one to pick, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

For best results, use the inserts under tight, structured clothing and the thicker the material the better! 

boomba demi cup inserts

BOOMBA inserts come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone perfectly. 
boomba inserts - colors
BOOMBA also makes the world’s thinnest sticky bra, the Invisibra is designed to blend in seamlessly with your skin, staying undetectable even under the thinnest fabrics. For seamless coverage, no bumps, no ridges. Say goodbye to wires, straps, and nipple slips. Say hello to amazing coverage and comfort.
boomba invisibra
boomba - the invisibra boomba invisibra
What's your favorite BOOMBA style? Shop it and tell us how you love it! 
boomba - double-sided inserts