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Aromas, tastes, feelings and sensuality are among our passions. Inspired by the sophistication of natural aphrodisiacs and fine fragrances, we set out to create unique multifunctional products, crafted in a socially responsible manor to complement our sexual nature. Luz de la Rivaís fine fragrances are made from unique extracts and are specifically chosen for their aphrodisiac aromas. Our couture collection of multifunctional cuffs and playful mask are fabricated by hand with keen attention to detail and inspection. MADE IN THE USA All intimate cosmetics, accessories, and packaging is lovingly made in the USA. INTIMATE COSMETICS THATíS SAFE FOR YOUR BODY Our beauty products are clinically tested and safe for sensitive skin. They do not contain parabens, phthalates, talc, GMOís, or other harsh chemicals. Luz de la Riva
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