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Lola Luna

Lola Luna makes the most spectacular g-strings in the world. Imported from the South of France, Lola Luna has been designing the most luxurious g-strings for over 20 years. Their unique combination of fine tutlle, intricate embroidery, luxurious French Calais lace, and beautiful jewels make Lola Luna one of the most wanted lingerie gifts available in the market today. The cut of Lola Luna is designed specifically to flatter the female body, with a high fit that visually lengthens the leg and enhances the curvature of the hips. Crafted like small works of art, Lola Luna pieces not only please the eye, but also arouse the tactile senses. Choosing a Lola Luna garment is not to be taken lightly…one must be conscious of the consequences of such a decision…

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