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Lilipiache is a flower that was imagined by three woman from Japan. When we think of a Lilipiache, we think of a radiant looking, gracious, sweet-smelling flower. The three of us are from the same fashion school in Japan. We have experience as a lingerie/swimwear designer, a dressmaker, a fitter , and a pattern maker. With our experiences, we decided to launch our own fashion line called Lilipiache in NYC . We love beautiful laces, like French leavers lace, natural fabrics like organic cotton, silk, silk satin, and linen. We love them because it makes women feel comfortable and sexy.Our unique, feminine, and luxurious styles are inspired by beautiful materials, the beauty of nature and art, and the fusion of vintage and the modern styles. We make it pleasurable to be a woman. Enjoy your life with Lilipiache!

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