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Bristols Six

Bristols Six is Hollywood’s favored brand of innovative undergarments and fit- perfecting fashion fixes. In their growing range of products, Bristols Six offers functional and stylish solutions for any dressing challenge that will keep you feeling confident and looking cool. Unlike other nipple covers, Nippies stretch and form to curves for a wrinkle-free fit just like a bra. Coordinate them with your outfit, lingerie and swim. Women want pretty lingerie in an array of colors, and Nippies prove adhesive foundations need not be an exception. Bristols is the word for ‘breasts’ in cockney rhyming slang, an old british language repopularized by Guy Ritchie films. Bristols is the word for ‘breasts.’ Since 3 girlfriends were brainstorming at the time – making for a total of 6 breasts. Voila – Bristols Six!

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